Oakley 20: Colin Braybrook… "At the end I was just thinking, oh no not another 6 miles"

Colin Braybrook is not quite as happy with Oakley as your editor, despite finishing well over five hundred places ahead of her… ah, speed is a terrible burden, may I never be cursed with it…
Anyway, he says:
I ended up giving a lift to one of my clubmates (Snorbans not vruk), who rang up for a lift on Saturday, so my time was not my own. It’s many a year since I had girls in their 20s phoning me, so I felt obliged to chaperone her around before and after the race.  It was the first time she had run let alone raced so far and she was disappointed with her 2hours 30.  There is no pleasing some people, I am sure I dropped out of a couple of marathons before I even managed to finish one properly. 
(If she was as charming as the other Snorbans runners I spoke to, Colin, I am sure you could not have said no. Delightful people -Ed).
Anyway I managed a 2.21.02 on Sunday, which I am pleased with with hindsight, although I thought I was on for something better early on.  That will teach me to get cocky.  Hope you enjoyed your run.  At the end I was just thinking, oh no not another 6 miles.  I think I am going to have to punish myself with a 22 or 24 this weekend just to harden myself up a bit, otherwise those 6 miles are going to scare me.  After this weekend it is taper all the way till London.
(mmmm…. taper… Ed)