North Downs Way 50

VRUK members were demonstrating vegan stamina at the tough North Downs Way 50 last weekend – well done folk!

  •  27th Matt Bevan in 9:00
  • 79th Rafal Tkaczyk in 10:04
  • 119th Maria Pali in 10:51
  • 161th Gary Brampton in 11:50
  • 199th Nick Blackwell in 12:48

Matt Toy, sparing his legs for a change, was to be found providing sustenance at the Hawaiian themed aid station. (Volunteering at races can be great fun – give it a go if you haven’t already.)


‘My first 50 miler yesterday. North Downs Way 50.I loved almost every moment but the last five miles or so broke my spirits as the terrain was so challenging. The first half was hilly and it got steeper in the second. Managed to do some extra when I took a wrong turn but regardless, I was so happy with my time. Up to 40 miles I was planning my first 100 miler but by the finish, I thought, no way!! Thanks to Graham for the chocolate cake and good to see several VR’s there.

…Centurion don’t seem to do age/ gender placing but if they did then I think both me and my boyfriend came first in our age/ gender categories’ 🙂


Nick and Rafal