"no result" – a cautionary tale from SdL

Sidney DeLara had one of those days where things just don’t go as you’d planned…
Sometimes difficult to gain necessary information about an event. So with Salisbury city 10k advertised on Runners World website, you are directed to Salisbury Journal for info on run, unfortunately no info is supplied by this source. I obtained a brochure “Salisbury whats on” saying the race would start at 10.30am.
Earliest train arrived Salisbury 9.47am and cycling to event , I could see all the runners heading off into the distance. It was a 10am start.  So after debate with organisers decided to do the non serious 5k fun run which did start 10.30am. Unfortunately myself and others went the wrong way and ended up running a 7k route. So non event for me.
  However would recommend to anyone living in the area. It’s multi terrain taking in Old Sarum , which you do a  lap around a distance of about a mile, being an elevated structure it provides a scenic run.