No Easier for Faster Runners?

NSPCC Half Marathon, Milton Keynes 7 July 2013

Bruce Lovell in centre, left of red top runner

Bruce Lovell Reports on his race

I had a slight cold all week before the race but didn’t feel it was that bad, thought it was clearing and felt ok on race morning, Maybe a little weak but was convinced I could tough it out with will power. However,  with the 30 degrees heat and a foot that was hurting and finally went numb ( very odd to run on) I really began to struggle. I ran with my long time running friend and competitor Ion from Ely runners whom I usually beat until about mile 7 and then began to feel my strength sapping and urged him to push on telling him I didn’t feel good and saying he could win ( he did a 2:47 London Marathon this year) he came 3rd but had a bad and slow race himself. After taking a wrong turning a mile or so later my will to run broke and I jogged the last few miles feeling pretty ill and defeated and fell from 4th place to 6th. I was sure I could run 1:17 with a cold as I have in the past. I would have hoped for a low 1:16 without it and am looking for a 1:15 later on in the year. I ran 1:16 at the Great Eastern in 2009 and my slowest recent half is 1:18:15 at Cransley Hospice Half last year but that is very hilly. Its been 6 years or so since I’ve ran this slow when I first started running and didn’t know how to train. I even ran only 30 seconds slower in training on my long Sunday run last month after a heavy week and felt fresh as a daisy so this is why I’m disappointed. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so tough on myself but I do like to do my best.

Yasmin Inglis around mile 7.

Report by Yasmin Inglis

I am disappointed with my time of 2.16 but given the heat I was just very glad to make it round.
The Leicester marathon in October will be my first. I’ve been building up my mileage on long Sunday runs. I’m up to 16 miles so far and building at a mile a week, I want to have run 26 miles before the day, I’ll taper this back down before the race.
I’ve been trying to do a variety each week. Monday and Saturdays are rest days, Tuesday I run 6 miles at 10k pace, Wednesday I do some core, Friday is an easy run, Sunday is my long run. Thursdays I try to mix it up doing hill repeats or interval training.
Reporting from around the course – Peter Simpson
From a bridge over the canal at mile 8
Arrived with minutes to go so decided to take up position at the first turning as seen from first photo. At that point I did not see Bruce nor Yasmin whom I was not expecting as entered. I knew local vegan, Brian Barlow was running his first half marathon for MK Lakeside Runners who had a large contingent of runners. After everyone had passed I cycled onto mile 3 with another cyclist and just as we arrived, the lead cyclists came through followed by the runners. Perfect timing except I did not have my camera ready and was not anticipating seeing Bruce Lovell, also wearing the VRUK vest. I saw Brian Barlow come past with other runners from his local club followed shortly by Yasmin Inglis another surprise. Both Bruce & Yasmin recently ran the Weedon 10K.
Cycled onto  four other viewing points up to mile 8 or so but each time I seemed to support the same section of runners including Yasmin. From mile 8, I decided to cycle onto the finish but not following the runners, arriving at about 1 hour 45 mins into the race so, Bruce had long since finished. Found Bruce near the finish who informed me of his disappointing run, affected by a cold. Supporting the runners finishing we soon saw Brian Barlow cross the line in 1.56 but before we could speak to Brian he disappeared into the toilet and that was the last we saw of Brian. We were concerned about Yasmin who seemed to be taking longer than anticipated but it was a large field with a narrow course early into the event. Yasmin informed us that in fact she did have to walk at times in the latter miles due to the heat hence the time of 2.16 chip timing.
Understandably not feeling at their best.