New Year's Day at Chard and Bolton

New Year's Day at Chard and Bolton

Not one to be put off by a bit of water Catherine Hansford followed last weekend’s paddle round the lakes at Poole with the Chard Flyer 10k on New Year’s Day 2014. Catherine reports:

“Did the Chard Flyer 10k this morning. Part the course was round the reservoir and flooding everywhere. Even the non flooded bits (the hills) where like running up through fast flowing rivers and the worse part was almost over my knees (although I’m only 5’1″)! I took my glasses off (what would be the point) and the wind was blowing rain into my eyes which was stinging so I couldn’t see my footing very well. Four shoelace malfunctions but I still managed to come in under an hour. Despite the conditions found myself grinning ear to ear in parts of the run and actually really enjoyed it!”

Catherine Hansford Chard Flyer 2014 2

“This was the road part of the course. There doesn’t appear to be any photos of the part round the reservoir over/through the streams.”

Catherine Hansford Chard Flyer 2014 1

Meanwhile Simon Dally was running the New Year’s Day Bolton parkrun as a tune-up for the Central Lancs Half this weekend, he tells:

“Finished 4th in the Bolton Parkrun today, 19:05 I think. Much slower than I was expecting, but I’ve had a cold since Saturday and heart beat was still higher than normal this morning. Next race is the Central Lancs Half Marathon on Sunday. Happy new year folks!”

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