Muddy mud with a side serving of mud

I am sure you are all thinking, “It’s Tuesday and yet we have not had a marathon (plus?) race report from Anna yet! Is she well?!”. Fear not my trusty hummus-eaters…

I thought I’d met all the varieties of mud that the UK has to offer. But it turns out I hadn’t. On Sunday I was introduced to even more types of the brown stuff (as well as thigh-deep, cold floodwater (also new territory) and the many stiles I’ve come to expect on an LDWA event) at the Gatliff 50K in Kent.
We were fortunate with the weather, in that while it was extremely soggy underfoot, it didn’t actually rain too much, nor was it excessively windy while we were out (for over 8 hours! Who’d have thought a head torch would be necessary for a mere 31 miles?). Saw a beautiful big rainbow.
Nice day out all in all: lots of familiar faces at the start and finish and I had the pleasure of Heather’s company (fellow ‘Fetchie’)- many laughs throughout the day. Plus it was a bit of celebration as it was my first 50K, my last ultra of the year, [I suspect there is an unmet need for a Xmas Day / Boxing Day ultra – Ed] my 80th ‘marathon’ and the day before my birthday. We had bubbly at the finish…