mablethorpe "morg" marathon

Mablethorpe time again! Surely Morg’s doing it, I thought… oh yes… and he reports!

Not quite the time I was aiming for in last Sunday’s mablethorpe marathon,but up until the morning of the race , I was unsure as to whether I would be running at all due to pulling my back a few days previouslySad smile
The pain was aggravating, but not enough to stop me running completely then between the half way mark, and 20 miles I was jogging along talking to somebody, not realising how much this was slowing me down.
When I eventually checked my pace guide on 20 miles and realised I was now well down on  my time I set off at a quicker pace, and managed to scrape some time back, but sadly not enough to get the 3hr 15 time I really wanted
In the end I came in  at 3hr 27min 11 seconds
49th out of 214 runners.
This time beats my previous marathon pb by 3 minutes, but betters my time I got the last time I ran mablethorpe in 2008 by 14 min 31 seconds
So a PB with a bad back… inspiring stuff!