LWDA Winter Tanners

We hear from Frances Humphries who says….
A bit behind the times as usual, but thought I would let you know that I had walked the LDWA’S Winter Tanners on the 24th January in a time of 7hrs 58mins for the 30-mile course.
Times past this walk had been advertised as being a tough winter course with minimal support and aimed at ‘strong walkers only’  –  I well remember my first attempt, a rather over-weight,unfit and unhealthy mum starting out with great trepidation in the dark/wind and rain from the car park in Leatherhead to return once more in the dark – almost 10 hours later freezing cold, wet, miserable, unable to untie my shoelaces, and hurting – having survived on some fruit and a cold drink! 
Despite all of the above it has always been one of my favourite events.
This year we had proper check-points with food and even tea at one stage. There was no wind, no rain, no snow, hardly a hill or a bog and quite a few long stretches on good paths and even roads! It did not seem like the same old walk somehow, but we had some fun in spite of going off course a couple of times.
The aim of this event is to walk out the course for the Tanners Marathon in the summer – for anyone who would like to try a bit of long distance cross-country this one would be very good running – rather sadly this is the last year they will be holding the event – times moving on as they do. 
 Anyway, enough ranting and rambling – yours in walking/running/hop skip and jumping
Very brave in this weather! – Ed