London Marathon report from Andi

Andi is first in with the London reports:

This is the big one that I have been training for and have not completed a proper marathon since the last time I did the London 24 years ago in 1984. (Clearly it is true that running and a vegan diet can make you look younger than you are! Ed) So I would like to thank the Vegan Runners for giving me this chance to attempt it again. I know I am not the quickest runner out there but I knew I could get round the 26.2 miles even if it meant crawling over the finish line.

The night before Stewart and I had a good pasta meal and plenty of water to make sure our bodies had enough energy to be getting on with. Getting to the start line was easy and the journey into London was straight forward enough.

At the start I knew I had to go off at a slightly slower pace than my previous runs in order to get round ok and in one piece. This plan worked great up to the 17 mile mark and after the first downpour of rain the chaffing started to appear in places I do not normally get it. My legs also started to freeze up a bit so I pulled over and got some Vaseline on the sores and also did some stretches. I then continued up to around 19.5 miles and a second downpour of rain. The chaffing now was very sore and I was shivering and very, very cold. I decided to pull over and get a foil sheet and plenty more Vaseline. I walked the next 3 miles to get warm and take on food and water. Then about 23 miles I started running again after warming up and managed to get to the finish line in a bit of pain and very sore from chaffing under both arms, down my sides and on my hips.

It felt good crossing the line and I managed to get to the meeting place with the others, sorry I took so long all of you. It was great to meet all of you and hear about your race day etc. I did feel a little guilty making you wait so long but i gave it my best shot.

The response from the crowds were great with “come on vegan” etc. However 2 people decided to be comedians and make silly remarks about my vegan status. I know that Stewart also got the same remark from the same guy which must have been his matinee performance. By the time I got to him it was the evening show, must be hard with a one line act.

My entry has been put in for next years ballot so it has not put me off doing it. The good news is that I also managed to raise around £1200 for Fiona’s Sanctuary which i am pleased about.