London marathon pacing

If you look people’s results up in the London Marathon results, you can click on a little green head-and-shoulders icon on the right which adds them to “my runners”. And if you then click on the “leaderboard” link and scroll down, you get a nice graph of how all “your runners” did over the course of the race. Try it!
I did – and may I say the clear winner for best paced VLM goes to Helen Watkinson, whose pace line was nearly flat!
My own line clearly shows the result of 2-3 minutes spent in portaloo-related activities just before halfway. Interestingly Colin B’s line has a similar anomaly – I dare not ask why – he could just have had a stone in his shoe or something…
Best finishing spurt goes to Teressa Longhurst, who knocked a minute per km off her pace between 40k and the finish!