2020 Virgin Money London Marathon Club Places

2020 Virgin Money London Marathon Club Places


It’s that time of year again that we get our annual “commiserations , your application to run in the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon has been unsuccessful!”


For those of you that had applied for a place in the Virgin London Marathon via the ballot and have not been successful, there is still  a chance for you to be there !

The club will be allocated some places (usually 4 which is the maximum, this is dependent on the number of 1st claim members registered with England Athletics) , I can’t apply for these until the 28thOctober 2019.

So keep your copy of your “commiserations” letter or email as proof of application so that you  can considered for a club place if you are interested. The places are not free and are subject to the same entry costs.

London Marathon Applications

 Here are the application instructions for the allocation of the club’s places for the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon (VLM) .

 This year we will be entitled to 4 Virgin London Marathon places (TBC). These will be drawn at random.

 Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must be a fully paid up member of the club (first claim) and have been a member for 12 months or more.
  2. You should agree to wear VRUK club clothing during the marathon. 
  3. You haven’t previously been allocated a club place in the VLM before.
  4. You should have applied through the Ballot system and failed to receive a place (evidence required).

 How do I Apply?

To keep it simple, please just e-mail me your details, confirmation of eligibility and a copy of your commiseration letter/email.

 You must get this application to me by the 8th November 2019.

 What Happens Next?

  1. I will collate all the applications and check eligibility.  
  2. I will notify all applicants on the status of their application.
  3. The eligible entries will be printed out and put in to a hat where they will be drawn randomly via video link to the VR member’s Facebook page.
  4. The lucky people selected will be given instructions on how to sign up and pay for their entry into the marathon.  

Good luck everyone!