Larwood 10k – Clare C

Clare Coombes writes …
I managed  47.19 and 133rd (no separate ladies results) at the Larwood 10K. A lack of training, due to frantic work commitments at present, and a warm day kept me steady. Though I am very grateful to a Mansfield Harriers club team mate, who passed me on every incline, her enthusiastic encouragement kept me going! She gave me enough strength to dig in and pass on the down hill and flat. I think I might have given up and gone home if it hadn’t been for her.

A beautiful location and very well run 10K. As usual, only the toilet facilities need attention. Shireoaks, the start and finish location, is a wonderful little village with its own micro climate. Very warm and sunny. Got in the car and went home, cold and cloudy.

Looks like the Hobin Hood Half is beginning to attract some attention. I am sending off for a club vest and look forward to running in it in September.