Readers of our September newsletter may recall Josh’s impressive endurance accomplishment of 31 marathons in 31 consecutive days to raise funds for an animal sanctuary where he volunteers.  That incredible and highly commendable effort raised over £17,000 for Millington’s Magical Barn.

Running 812.2 miles in a month is more than some of us achieve in a year and might have debilitating consequences for many but for Josh it seems his efforts was beneficial preparation for an competitive ultra event.

On Saturday 5th November whilst many of us were enjoying a 5k parkrun, Josh was already one hour in a grinding hilly race equal to nearly 10 parkruns but somewhat more hilly – the White Rose 30 mile ultra.

Much to his surprise after 4 hours and 40 minutes Josh was first across the finish line after 30 miles and was a good 9 minutes ahead of second place.

Josh summarised the experience “[It was a] relentlessly brutal course, climb after climb with the weather thrown in.   Nice to see it, through I had to dig deep but got my reward in the end.  If I knew all I had to do to win was do 31 marathons in 31 days, I’d have done it ages ago.”

Once again proving that plant power is perfect for performance. (see what I did there?)