Isle of Wight Fell races

We hear from Steve Davies who has been hurling himself up and down and round the IoW…

I ran the Isle of Wight Fell series at the weekend [18th/19th – Ed], rather rash as I have
not run off road or on hills for well over a year and have never ran a fell
race before. 2 races on saturday and 1 on Sunday. Nearly all club runners a
pretty serious event not for the faint hearted, would make a nice club jolly
for next year, Serpentine targetted it with 50 runners!

1st race 3 miles catagory AS 775 feet ascent – 24 minutes
2nd race 7(nearer 8!) miles catagory BM 1500 feet ascent – 1hr 10 minutes
3rd race 13 miles catagory CL 1500 feet ascent – 1hr 45 minutes

Steve was in the top 10 of his age category in the two hardest races!