International News (Belgium)

We hear from Eric Libotte in Belgium, who has just bought a VR running shirt from us…
[he says]…the black/green shirt has done his first kilometers yesterday afternoon 😉 Cool!

On Sunday the shirt (and of course me too…) will run the Antwerp 10 miles, together with 22.999 other runners. On the 10th of May the “½ marathon of Visé” (Maasmarathon) stands on the program and on 31 May I will be one of the 25.000 runners of the “Brussels 20km”. If possible I will mail you a picture from me with my “VEGAN RUNNERS” shirt.

Good luck Eric!

Speaking of Belgium, your editor has very happy memories of the all-you-can-eat vegan buffet in Ghent – yum yum…