"I'm in the Money!"

We hear a happy & characteristically modest tale from Frances Humphries…

Well, its a long story but here goes.

Arriving home from my wonderful and extremely lazy holiday in France (I tell you this to excuse my present lack of running form) I was confronted with a huge pile of mail, OK most of it was the kind of stuff you do not want to be bothered opening (bills), and some of it was plain trash and in amongst all the dross there were one or two interesting items.
 And then there was a plain brown envelope – I opened it and out popped a little note from the Great Yarmouth running club thanking me for taking part in their half marathon and letting me know that I was the first lady to finish in my age group (over 55), AND enclosing my prize money of £15.00! Was I chuffed or was I chuffed? It mattered not one jot that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lady over 60 all had faster times than me, nor that I appear to have been the only lady in my age group (these facts I will keep to myself) – all this was as nothing  compared to the Wonderfully Uplifting Experience of winning some hard cash. At last, all those hundreds of squids spent on trainers and running gear had paid off! I was on cloud nine and have framed the letter, a photocopy of the cheque and my race number for posterity!
More sensibly here are a few less marvellous results.
02.08.09 – Dovedale Dipper –  a truly lovely LDWA 26 mile walk – finished in 7hr 39mins
09.08.09 – Great Yarmouth Half – time of 1.57
13.09.08 – Chiltern Marathon – another LDWA favourite  26 miles in 7hrs 30mins
27.09.09 – Halstead Fun  Run – yes, it was fun!  – 5 miles in 49mins 48secs
04.10.09 – Southend on Sea 10k – 54.23

Well done Frances, an example to us all ! – Ed