Hilly Cycle to Prestwood 10K, 19 May

Report from Peter Simpson

My recent bike chain maintenance has made cycling much more efficient and the difference was more noticeable cycling between Berkhamsted and Prestwood via Chesham. Unfortunately it turned out that the effects of the  hilly Rugby 6 miles only four days earlier was still in my legs, especially the calves. I also did not arrive early enough to allow sufficient recovery. The two long climbs were in the first half of the course allowing recovery and a stronger finish in the 2nd half. Given the low-key event I thought I may still have a chance of repeating my V50 age group win of 2011 so, started near the front. It was however soon apparent that my legs were feeling tired so I was forced to hold back and consequently many runners overtook me. The first hill leading to 2K was indeed tough as expected and the following long slow descent to 4K was comfortable. The second hill leading back to the village was just as tough as the first but with the knowledge there were no further significant climbs. Once I had recovered from the second hill, I could attempt to put in more effort and maybe move up the field. It was a slow recovery but I did begin to move up the field up to about 8K otherwise it was a case of holding on to my position for the last 2K. I recall what appeared to be some V50 runners passing me in the first 2K and did not rein them back in the second half. I stayed for the prize-giving in the knowledge I had no chance of a V50 prize and so it proved. No times were given so, it was only later that my time was confirmed as 43.54 for 29th / 179, my slowest in three runs on Prestwood 10K course.