High Weald Marathon (for some added value of marathon)

Just in case you were all wondering, yes Anna was running a marathon last weekend…
This weekend I recorded a PW (personal worst) time for the marathon. So, the High Weald Marathon (26.6 miles, trail) was my slowest yet. But that’s ok: I planned on adopting a run-walk strategy to save my legs for a longer run next week. Plus it was an LDWA event so following the four-sides-of-A4 route instructions slowed things a little. And it was rather hot and muggy – where was the lovely rain I was promised?!
It was another beautiful course in the countryside, not far from East Grinstead. All the usual ingredients of fellow runners, hills, mud and stiles – lovely!
Oh, the time was 5:56.
Anna is planning to do the Ridgeway 85 later this year, so she really does want to keep her legs in good nick for that!