Fiona Oakes on BBC Look East, 24 March

By chance I had the local BBC news programme on this evening (24 March) and included in the content was triple world record holder, Fiona Oakes whose main reason for running was for her animals, etc. Given that it was a regional programme I guess not many members had a chance to see Fiona in action both running and at the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary looking after the 400 animals.

One of the main reasons why Fiona arranged the publicity at this time was her next attempt at the Marathon des Sables (155 miles) run in the Sahara Desert early in April over several days with a marathon a day carrying your own survival kit and camping out overnight. This is Fiona’s 3rd attempt and her previous two have been as a member of a team, helping other members when they get into difficulty as well as overcome her own (in the 1st year Fiona sustained an injury at the Animal Sanctuary shortly before leaving but still completed the course).

The BBC program also mentioned that Fiona was a vegan and showed Fiona carrying her survival kit in the local sand dunes. We obviously wish Fiona the best of luck with the conditions in the Sahara.

You can watch the interview on You Tube here – Nik 🙂

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