Feedback for the next event – Rainforest Foundation 10K , 2/11/08

Chloe Vincent writes

“Like Dave posted, last sundays race at Regent’s Park went really well. I was well pleased with my run and really love having my club vest, makes me run faster for sure! Flying the banner and all.. I’m looking forward to our next meeting, specially because its also Peters birthday! Would be nice to meet more of my fellow club members in the race and of course afterwards!

I really like the idea of the Rainforest Foundation run, like Peter says because its not often that the charity runs are for environmental causes, something I’m keenly interested in. Personally i think the higher entrance fee is worth paying for this reason, also because the 6 pound fee of the last race was cheap enough eh!

One point that we talked about at the Regent’s Park meet up which i would like to float to all, is the possibility of somehow purchasing a couple of extra vests as spares for any vegan runners that have not got theirs on race day. Don’t really know how this would work, but thought its definately a nice idea.

Also am on the ball of organising a notice board for VRUK at Pogos and possibly at my work as well, to keep everyone in the know about the club and the events! Ever on the look out for new runners!

Hope to meet see you all on Nov 2nd!”