Feed back on the Great North Run, 15 Sept

Feed back on the Great North Run, 15 Sept
Reports copied from Facebook posts
Katie – Well done to everyone yesterday for GNR, was lovely to meet up with Jenny Perreau and Harriet Cross.
Harriet – Great job VRUK Runners! Powered by plants! The wind did not make it easy!! Seemed to be blowing across rather than from behind. Great to collapse in the Farplace tent afterwards. Great vegan choc selection!
Jenny –  I had only positive comments thrown my way like ‘go vegan’ and ‘great t-shirt’ which was brilliant . Was also great to meet Katie Chabriere – thanks for organising a meet up. Personally I am not sure either the congestion nor wind made much difference to my time, I think that’s just how it was by the time my ultra tired self made it to the finish line, though personally very pleased with completing my first half .
Richard – My first half so very pleased as my aim was 2 hours and managed 1.49.  It was such a great atmosphere, lots of encouragement. I was hi fiving people supporting at side every mile . So crowded you cannot really focus on time just keep going and enjoy as much as you can
Our runners finished in the following times: 
Katie Chabriere 1.57, 
Harriet Cross 2.01, 
Rich Frost 2.27, 
Duncan McNeil 1.34,
Jenny Perreau 2.21
Richard Sleight 1.49.

Jenny Perreau well done!
Katie & Jenny
Katie for Farplace Animal Rescue
Left: Harriet and Katie