Endure12 2015

Well done Matt Toy and Rafal Tkaczyk completing impressive solo runs at Endure12. Simon Scott was also putting in the miles as part of a 12 hour team.

Rafal reports:

‘Let me report from Ultra12 that I run with Matthew Toy this weekend. It was a 12h race starting 7pm on Saturday and finishing 7am on Sunday. The course was a loop of 5 miles in Beale Park near Reading which you could run as many times as you wanted within cut off time. Matt did 11 laps which equals 55 miles and positioned 13/72. I did 50 miles and was 18/72. For Matt it was a last big training run before taking on SDW100 in 3 weeks. For me it was just a fun run, testing running strategies etc. I finished 2.5 hours before cut off time and had time to do 3 more laps but I just didn’t have it in me. It’s tough running through the night and at 4.30 am my mind convinced me it doesn’t make sense to run these extra laps. I guess it’s much easier to run point to point races where you know you need to get to the finish line or you DNF. Anyway, I improved my 50 miles time by 30 mins so I’m happy about that. Was good to see Simon who ran in a mixed team with his mates.’

  • Matt Toy  55 miles (11 laps) 10:21:17  13/72 solo men
  • Rafal Tkaczyk  50 miles (10 laps)  9:35:13  18/72 solo men
  • Simon Scott  20 miles (4 laps)
Rafal Tkaczyk and Matt Toy Endure12 2015

Matt and Rafal at the start