Dublin Marathon, 31/10/11

Ed: Vegan Runners Kevin Jones, Michelle Rivett, and John Fulham all finished well, and put up with the poor weather. Report by Kevin…

Michelle: 4:39 PB by 3 minutes (web site thinks her gun time is the same as her chip time)
Kevin: 3:15:49 PB by 10minutes!
John Fulham (running for 1st claim Scottish club): 3:23:14 PB (target of 3:30) raising over £1500 for Prostate Scotland!

We had a great day – the crowds were brilliant.
I escaped the rain until I left my pint of Guinness and went to look out for Michelle, when it teemed down!
I ran from mile 3 to mile 17 with John Fulham which was really enjoyable – he’s a great guy to run with.
I held my self back, sticking to a 3:20 pace until about mile 17 when I started to see how fast I could go and it was very satisfying running past everyone. So I had a great race, and this morning no real problems walking.
Michelle ran all the way, and by the look of her splits had a fast last quarter, like me, but got caught in the rain.
She was chatting too, mainly to pace runners and Irish policemen!
Restaurant Cornucopia was fantastic – we went there once for each of the 3 days and I had some gorgeous salads and fresh fruit juices there.