Doing it by Halfs

Vegan Runners were pounding the tarmac last weekend at the Reading, Bath, Silverstone and Llanelli half marathons.

Liz Lockwood (2:33) and Joe Harling (1:47) were at Llanelli with Jane Harling supporting:

Liz: "02:33:04! Much quicker than previous attempts. Progress!"

Liz: “02:33:04! Much quicker than previous attempts. Progress!”

John Randall upped his usual distance at Reading on a non-too pleasant day:

“Ran Reading Half today in 1:35, #1,475 out of 14,261. I’m not used to running beyond 10k and found the last 4-5 miles pretty miserable, especially in the cold and wind. Would have loved a sprint finish in the stadium at the end but had absolutely nothing left in my legs.”

Alex Portwine was also at Reading, her idea of a pedestrian pace is an ‘if only’ for many of us:

“Ran the Reading Half today, at a pedestrian pace (for me!) of 01:44. I am MASSIVELY proud of my lovely husband who ran and juggled all the way, and didn’t drop his balls once!! Check him out on the local news footage (about 10 secs into the segment)”

Nice medal for Jon at the Reading Half

Nice medal for Jon at the Reading Half

Meanwhile at Silverstone Mike Tomkins was making like a racing car:

“Took part in Silverstone Half Marathon today …. finished in 86th place in 1 hour 24 minutes & 56 seconds. Just over two minutes off a PB but did spend most of the 13.1 miles running into a very strong wind.”

Four members ran Bath: Daniel Kirby 1.44.05; Luisa Rabanla; Simeon Elliot 1.43.15 and Lisa Munday pleased to be getting quicker with 2:35. Well done everyone!