Doing a Course at The University of Kent. Sport Relief 6. Keith Gilbert 25/3/12

This morning I ran for Sport Relief at The University of Kent,I opted for the 6 mile distance.There was a choice of doing 1,3 or 6 miles.The 1 milers had their own course,the 6 milers simply did another lap of the 3 milers course.

The course was all on campus, mostly on hard surface with an inclined green section.It was well marshaled,which was important since unlike your average road race the course seemed to take frequent turns,and often you found yourself alone with no one in front to follow.

I wore my Vegan Runners T shirt, the one with four good reasons to Go Vegan on the back.The event is all about trying to change the world in positive ways and adopting a vegan lifestyle is a good way to start making such changes.So maybe it provided food for thought for some people.

No official places or times, but my Garmin recorded 47:16.It also recorded 5.78 miles,a little short of 6 miles.

The previous day I ran in the fog at Whitstable Parkrun[below].The finish tunnel appeared only shortly before I entered it! 24:43; 28/94.

Best wishes, keith.