Day 9 of 10 – just one more lap to go

Clearly the needles in the groin worked… Anna is still going…

It’s all getting very exciting now. Jim came up last night and my parents were here this morning to see us start. There were lots more folk out on the course too today, as well as more awareness generally I think, with lots of cars honking their horns and cheering. I wanted 4:30, so very happy with slightly under 4:03. That means something like 4:55 tomorrow will be good enough for sub 40. Hopefully I can hold it together for one more day. I’ve had my icing and about to go see the massge wizards.

Tomorrow we start at half 9, with thousands of other runners doing the main marathon event an hour later. I’m knackered, but really looking forward to it. It’s been an amazing 9 days so far and it feels like the hard work is almost over and it’s time to enjoy the last run and the atmosphere before what should be a pretty big celebration.