Day 8 of 10 – feeling much better

This is great! They stick needles in my groin!… yes, Anna has a different definition of “great” from some people… đŸ˜€
That was much easier mentally than yesterday. I was taking it easy today, did lots of walking, hoping to make it in 4:20. I was right that I’d enjoy the lack of pressure to go sub 4 again. Still, it was very nice to nip just under with 3:59:53. Lovely drizzly rain most of the way round too. Not feeling quite as tired as yesterday now either.

I forgot to mention that yesterday there was a lovely moment when I got to the top of the big hill after mile 7 – three deer pranced across the road in front of me.

I’ve finally been making more use of the brilliant physios from Body Rehab. I was in for over an hour last night and again this morning. In addition to the usual massage and passive stretching, I also had ice and cryo cuffs on my sore bits, laser treatment on both shins and needles stuck into my groin. Plus they put some rather decorative K-tape on my legs to act as go-faster stripes. It’s fascinating stuff they do.

Did I mention that this event is really great? Hopefully I can enjoy the next two runs. There are more people coming up to visit who’ll be out on the course tomorrow and Jim is coming up this evening. My parents should be around from tomorrow too. Really looking forward to seeing everyone.