Day 6 of 10 – getting there

In which Anna continues to crank out sub-4 times on a hilly course despite her inimitable running style…

Phew, that was a tough one. Very glad it’s done now as I think it’s great mentally being more than halfway through with (only!) 4 marathons to go: a good place to be. A few niggles and twinges started playing up today and I found the last 9 miles hard going, but very satisfied with another sub 4 at 3:51:27. It was pleasantly cool out on the course (though nice not to have the hail).

If you’ve seen the video clips, you’ll realise that ‘elegant, fluid and smooth’ are not words you could use to describe my running. Steve reckons I could be quite quick if I got someone to sort out my running style (or lack of it!). I think he might be right.

I suppose this is technically a race (though I’m taking it very much a personal challenge) so I should update you with the fact that I’m currently sitting in 6th place. Adam has been amazing at the fast end, with three sub 3s and the other 3 not much over that. In the middle of the field there has been some shifting of positions, with Ray getting faster every day. Michelle and Aly have been running through considerable pain to complete each day impressively. Chris ran ten minutes quicker today than any of the previous days – it’s like his training is just kicking in now. Unfortunately Phil had to drop out today. Despite the best efforts of the physio team his injuries were just too severe for him to carry on, a very tough decision. Now there are just 11 of us.

I’m quite tired again so hoping for another early night. I’ll want some massaging first though to sort out my weary legs. Spirits in the group are generally high. Dinner soon…