Day 4 of 10 – sleepy but strong

And this brings us up to date – Anna’s record of today…
Phew, another one done then. I was VERY sleepy this morning, but once I got out on the course I felt pretty good. Legs were tired for the last 7 miles, but I guess a bit of achyness is to be expected on day 4. Almost got tripped over by a cute-fluffy-bunny-rabbit-running-out-in-front-of-me hazard at 10 miles in. Finished in 3:48:07, so more than pleased with today’s effort.

We’re going out to a local pub for dinner tonight, which will make a change from the usual routine. The days are zipping by. It seems like there’s something to do the whole time from getting up to going to bed. The worst part of the day is probably the walk back up to the Lodge after the ice bath (only takes 5 minutes, but it seems to go on forever). The second worst is the 5 minutes passive drooling every morning!

The best bits of each day are running the lovely scenic route and the banter with the other runners and the physio team.

That’ll have to do for today. I’m knackered and need to go get my massage before we head out to dinner. Thanks for all the great messages of support.

The video clips from each day are at