Crawley 6h Track Race – Erik Siebold – 3rd place!

Erik Seibold writes…

Running around a track for 6h really can’t be much fun, but always trying to find new things to do led me to Crawley for the IAU 6 & 12h event. My goal was simple. Run 70km (43.4 miles), which essentially means 8min./miles for as long as possible without slowing down too much at the end. I settled in pretty quickly, and felt good throughout the first half. My knees were not happy running in circles, but the change in direction at the halfway point took care of it. I hit the marathon mark in 3:31 and went through 50k in 4:11. By then I was in 3rd place and felt confident I could hold on to it. The last hour was tough and the laps seemed to take longer and longer, but I kept clocking around 8:20-8:30s and my GPS watch told me I finished with 44.1 miles. Unfortunately, the GPS was off (I didn’t really trust my lap recorder either, maybe he missed a couple of laps?) and was credited with 42.7 miles. I’m obviously frustrated, thinking I had made 70k and then being told I didn’t. Life goes on, I got 3rd place and my legs feel quite good 2 days later, which is a good sign with my first 100 miler coming up in June.