Country To Capital

So I thought this one might be tough – I’ve done the distance a number of times, but usually I do the proper training. At least I proved you can get through on bloody mindedness and some perseverance. 8:37 for the 45 miles, slower than usual but OK considering the terrain, rain and lack of training.

So, it was from Wendover to London (UK) off road (fields and trails for the 1st half and then on a canal tow path for the 2nd). It was a rainy day – but nice to be out in the countryside. We had map books that we had to follow … but there were so many crossing paths that it caused some bits of confusion. At one point (after about 4 miles) I was stood with about 15 runners who couldn’t decide which path we were supposed to take so we all split up and took different paths! Hilarious…

By this time my waterproof socks were soaking (on the inside) because we had to go through loads deep puddles and waterlogged fields. This was basically the case for the 1st half – so I was happy I’d taken spare socks which I put on a 22 miles. That made my feet very, very happy….

So about this point – my lack of distance training caught up with me and where I usually overtake people on the 2nd half of ultras, this time I just slipped back and watched quite a few pass me once we got on the towpath. I had a brief lift at 30 miles.. but that soon evaporated and I was left grinding out the last 12 or so.

But while it was tough, it was also great – met some nice people, saw some lovely countryside & kickstarted my years long running. Didn’t have any supporters to take photos, anyway the vegan runners singlet never got a look in because my jacket was on ALL day!