Coronavirus update 2

Coronavirus update 2

7th June 2020 – UPDATE

Dear VRUK Club Members
This update (from my email yesterday) is particularly key for two
regions in England, but also contains important advice for the other
regions and nations – please read on.
The modelling is showing that the R number is on the rise for all
England regions and this is likely due to the change in social behaviour
which accompanied the easing of lockdown. I have updated the UKA
Covid-19 running risk assessment for the England nation this morning
based on new information related to R number modelling which shows that:
1. The R number is at 1 in the South West
2. The R number has risen to just above 1 in the North West.
As a result, I have now determined that these regions are in a UKA red
risk category and advise that you should not be taking the risk of
running in groups.
It is worth mentioning again that the risk for all regions and nations
in the UK is likely to also change at short notice.

My role as Welfare Secretary is a volunteer position (like all committee
roles in the Club), I have been working very long hours throughout the
pandemic and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. For this
reason, it is very important that you take personal responsibility for
monitoring announcements in your regions and nations about your local R
level and adjust your running and other social distancing behaviour
accordingly, rather than waiting for an official announcement from VRUK.

I can’t guarantee I will always get official announcements out in a
timely manner, but I promise that I am always at the other end of an
email should anyone need to discuss safeguarding, welfare or wellbeing
issue of concern (including Covid-19).
Club members in all nations should follow the most up to date risk
advice for your own nation which you can currently access at the
following links:
Northern Ireland:

Club members from all nations should adhere to the general guidance from
the UKA outlined in the following conditions, and in line with their
personal risk as an individual:
•    Do not congregate before and after a group run
•    You do not host or participate in a race or other form of
running within groups

Please also keep in mind the following important information which will
help VRUK members keep themselves and others safer:
1.    You are most infectious with Covid-19 during the first couple days
before symptoms and the first day or so with symptoms (at which time you
may not feel particularly unwell). So it is very important that you do
not exercise if you feel unwell in any way, that you self-isolate and get
tested for Covid-19.
2.    Deeper breathing that is required whilst running can increase
the likelihood of a runner coughing, sneezing or experiencing catarrh.
3.    Coughing, sneezing, clearing your throat or spitting whilst
running is an aerosol-generating event.
4.    This means it increases the risk of droplets being passed on to
others in your group, even when socially distanced, particularly those
running in your slipstream. This will increase the spread of Covid-19
infection between persons.
5.    If you are living with a chronic condition that may increase your
risk of a more severe reaction to Covid-19 infection (such as essential
hypertension, diabetes, and other conditions) then I recommend you have
a virtual consultation with your doctor about whether it is advisable
for you to resume running in groups at this time.
6.    If you are running near or past members of the public, please give
them as wide a berth as possible (without risking your own safety) in
order to reduce the risk of them breathing in your slipstream.

Kind regards
Denyse King
Welfare Secretary