Charlotte Coleman, Barnsley Boundary 75 miles!

We hear from Charlotte Coleman ahead of the upcoming Hardmoors 110:-

“My Barnsley Boundary run was good. The weather was just perfect and I had great support along the way. Unfortunately I tore my calf muscle 7miles into the run, but persevered. It has now meant that I have a lot of recovery to do ahead of the 110miles, but so far this is going well and I hope to have it mended enough to take part. It will obviously impact upon my time as I’ll have to be careful, particularly over the early stages not to damage it further. The aim for me now is just to complete the run. Although I’m currently the 2nd female in the Grandslam (which is across all 4 Hardmoors ultra series races, the 110 is the 3rd race in the series) and I hope to keep this placing.”

She adds:

“There will be two vegan runners doing the Hardmoors 110. Neil Ford is also competing. This must be a first for the club!!”
Best of luck guys…