Centurions Grand Prix 5 mile race

We hear from  Phil Griffiths who has an update from his first race of 2010.

Centurions Grand Prix 5 mile

My running had scaled back a little toward the end of 2009 and I found myself in the gym a lot more, especially with the ground outside being quite icy in December. While I’ve made some great progress in the gym and got stronger I certainly didn’t want to neglect my running therefore I ran the Centurions 5 mile race in Solihull on 03/01/2010 – finishing in 42:02 by my Garmin (42:08 gun time).

Overall it’s a fun park trail course, it was a tad icy in patches even with the grit they had put down but the marshalling was great at directing everyone around te stubborn ice patches and I didn’t see anyone fall down (and I stayed upright the whole time too!) so it did the trick.

I am going to participating in the next 3 of these races in February, March and April and I am going to be pushing to bring that time right down now that I am in the running groove again.

Hope everyone had a good break over the holidays