Cath Clements' first ever running events

Cathy Clements from Wolverhampton writes:

On Sunday 3 October at 10am I raced the Bournville Leafy 10k, arranged by the Bournville Harriers in Birmingham. It was very wet and muddy and the woodland trails and parks were like rivers in places but I was pleased with my time 67.28 (well my watch said 66.48 but it took a while to reach the start if you know what I mean)…. I was 156 out of 176 so perhaps not such a good advert for vegan runners. I have to remind myself that I’ve done no sport since school (25 years ago) and will hopefully improve in time. I had such fun though, even the hills were invigorating, the more effort the greater reward. I’ve got a picture of me straining at the end of the race just after the last hill if you are interested but I’m not wearing a vegan runners top, hope to buy one at the West Midlands Vegan Fayre. I ran a slightly better time during the Stratford Big 10k at the end of August …. I did however raise around £500 for Greyhound Action which I was very pleased about, people were so generous.

[Ed: If you wish to sponsor Cath retrospectively, donations are still being taken. Cath’s e-mail address is on the August Member’s Contacts List otherwise I will put you in contact.]