Cars (not), trains, beer bottles and no sleep…

We have two recent results from SDL who has been suffering a bit … but not enough to stop him from running (at least not for more than it takes to cough!). Well done that man!
 1) Thruxton 5k series race 4 Monday September 6th. 
     Traffic free around the motorcar circuit. Hampered by wind and rain. Carry a cold. 
  Position 8th   Time  19mins 27secs  M50 2nd.
2) Keil Lauf  quarter marathon  Sunday September 12th.
   Got in late on Saturday , masterplan to sleep on 7am train from Lübeck to Kiel. Train full of rowdies getting on
train at this time of day with beer bottles in hand so no last minute snooze.  Ran first 5k as planned in about 20 minutes
but at 7k had as on previous runs this year a chest problem , the aftermath of a cold. So cough, spit start, stop, finishing in
 a very modest 44minutes 38seconds. overall 70th, M50 7th .  Each year  for past 4 years (see here and here for previous reports – Ed) I had managed to improve my time
last year managing 43mins 17secs. So I was aiming for sub 43. Massive field of runners well over 2000.