Cardiff Half Produces More PBs!

Cardiff Half Produces More PBs!
Helen David Reports – Great day at the Cardiff Half Marathon today. I passed a member (David Palmer)  from the Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club at about mile 2, then we met up with members Ian Fiddes and Steve Penny at the end. PBs for both myself and Cédric. Cédric David finished in 1.28.10 and me in 1.39.02. Over 2 mins quicker than last year’s race…we are both getting older…but faster!! 
Full results:
Cedric David  1.28.10, 423rd Male, 87th V45
Ian Fiddes 1.34.49, 924th Male, 77th V35
Helen David 1.39.02, 163rd Female, 27th V35
Steve Penny 2.00.03, 4295 Male, 282nd V50
Team left: Steve, Cedric, Ian and Helen