Canterbury Parkrun – 22/3/14

Canterbury Parkrun – 22/3/14

I did the Canterbury Parkrun yesterday, my first public running event following nearly 4 months of zero running owing to problems with my right knee.

This was the second staging of Canterbury Parkrun, it was meant to commence in January, but Parkrun HQ did not like the proposed course, so amendments had to be made.

The course based at The University of Kent is certainly a challenging one, stretches of two grassy playing fields and a small valley over a stream on National Cycle Route No:1.You have to go down and up the valley four times, the elevation profile of the course looks like a sine wave! I found the down bits a bit difficult with my dodgy knee, in better condition, I could use the declines to my advantage.

Still I got round without any bits breaking up.

Keith Gilbert - Canterbury parkrun1

27:45. Overall Pos: 27/49. mv60 2/2. men 17/26. wava 15/49.

One of my worst 5K times, but hopefully there’s a lot of PB potential for me at Canterbury.

This month I’ve been running regularly for 25 years. Lacto-vegetarian until around 2000, vegan from then onwards.

Keith Gilbert - Canterbury parkrun2

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