Camino Ultra partnership with Vegan Runners

Camino Ultra partnership with Vegan Runners

Camino Ultra is London based ultramarathon running event company. More information about Camino Ultra is here:

In 2022 Camino created a brand new London based running challenge. They designed twelve trail routes and shared these to challengers via a pdf pack via email. The challenge was to complete the route ‘in your own time’ and once completed they would send you a puzzle medal – complete all twelve routes and the puzzles pieces would beautifully fit together

Vegan Runners happened to be friends with Camino Ultra and our registered members were offered 15% off their challenge entry fee. Sign up for the challenge here: Please email Club Secretary to receive a discount code that is available only for members of Vegan Runners here

£20 from the entry fee will go straight to East London Waterworks Park, too

The routes for 2023 will be published on Christmas Day! In 2023, there will be a leader guided run organised every month completing a different route as a group run – so feel free to join it if you can make it! All will be emailed to you once you sign up