Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon – Anna Finn

We hear from Anna Finn, who says we won’t be hearing from her for a “while” (a few weeks!)…

…as my next marathon will be either 28th March or 5th April – a bit of a rest should do me good! I am starting to feel a bit tired now… Oh, I forgot, I will be doing a 10K on the 22nd actually. Not planning to ‘race’ it though, just mosey round with some of my students who are doing it.
I did my fifth run of the year today, a marathon around Cambridge. It was ideal weather and the terrain was mostly good. I took some photos but they weren’t so good – the one attached is the best of a bad bunch I’m afraid. (see Anna’s photo which I *hope* I have attached – Ed)

It was called the Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon and it does what it says on the tin – a marathon around the edge of Cambridge – so mostly flat, mostly on nice trails, with only a few muddy areas and stiles to negotiate. I managed to fall over again and to get lost for just over half a mile. Nothing serious though. A pleasant day out, I finished in around 4 hours 13 minutes.

… I don’t know about you, dear blog readers, but I feel strangely tired just reading this! 😀 Well done Anna – again!