Bruce Lovell: Finally running better; Blisworth 5k

Report from Bruce L who is feeling a bit sparkier now! Happy days!


I raced the hills of Blisworth once again last night, this time it was the 5k, the last in the Friday 5 series hosted by Wootton Road Runners. The first being the 5 miler. It was my local clubs 5 k championships and I was eager to run well and give JP (who as you know has recently been the dominant male runner at our club) a good race.
Despite JP flying off at an awesome speed, and me losing a few yards being taken unawares by there being no warning prior to the starters guns BOOM, after a manic initial sprint I soon settled into a good position in about 15th place. Its a pretty hilly course and this is where the “VEGAN POWER” proved good and I started to pick people off including my club mate JP. We exchanged mutual Encouragement when I passed him and now having made my move I drove as hard as I could up the long hilly stretch and managed a 5:30 mile up hill! After what seemed like an endless procession of hill after hill the course finally flattens out before a slight downhill finish. I had managed to get into 5th spot by the top off the hills but was hurting bad and had no chance of improving my position and just wanted to hold on to my club champs 1st place. I worked as a hard as I could, my legs screaming all the way and the finish line could not come quick enough! I turned the corner and crossed the line and collapsed, exhausted, in a new PB of 16:58, equalling TB’S Club record too!
I have found out today that the official time given me was a frustrating 17:00, despite my clocking 16:58. This is often the case without chip timing, and so officially I cant claim the club record. I will take 16:58 as my PB however and be damned as that’s what I ran! (lol) I can only imagine how annoying it is if you start further back without chip timing and lose more seconds!
As usual (except at Wellingborough due to not hanging my washing out) I wore my Vegan vest warming up and hoodie for the presentations afterward.
Well, that’s enough ramblings, really pleased at winning the champs and finally running a good race this year!!!! And I only have a slight aching calf this morning too! Yippeeeee!!!