Brookes Serpentine 10k, Hyde Park, Jan 1st

Serpentine Running Club New Years Day 10k, Hyde Park London.

New Years Eve is not the best day of year for getting an early night before a run the next day and  every carriage on the train out of Southampton full of drunken revellers returning from events in the South, many not getting out until Woking so, no chance of shut eye on way up to London. 

 From Waterloo to Hyde Park virtually traffic free due to Lord Mayors Show so, great day for cycling through this part of London. Surprisingly pleasant weather but a bit windy. Have never seen the need for Sunglasses when running but on the 2 lap section of the course there was a 1.5 kilometer stretch where the angle of the sun in your face meant running with head down just looking at the area immediately in front, which still had water content creating a dazzle.

Managed to achieve a negative split only because I started to get going after 5K point which i passed at 21:25, crossing the finish line in a time of 42mins:07 seconds.

Brookes Serpentine NYD 10K.  JAN 1st 2013 11am Hyde Park London.

 Sidney DeLara    68th / 566 runners   42mins 07secs   Male Vet 55  3rd.
 Running Soton AC but Vegan Runner Vest