Vegan Runner completes marathon dressed as broccoli !

Vegan Runner completes marathon dressed as broccoli !

As you’ll have realised by now, we can be a pretty serious and not so serious bunch of vegan runners. One person that ticks both boxes is our very own Jhon Cosgrove.  On Boxing Day 2018 and to raise funds for Veganuary, Jhon ran a self designed marathon course around Petersfield in fancy dress as a piece of broccoli.

Talking to John about his motivations, he explained “I am happy to say I came home in first and last place in the time of 3 hours and 41. Not bad considering I was dressed as a broccoli, there were lots of hills, I was full of cold again and had sore leg from parkrun! But we raised £1500 for Veganuary, with over 90+ people  donating. Today was really heartwarming and special to have so many people give up their time to help – this won’t be the last ridiculous charity run!’.

You can still donate here:

From everyone at Vegan Runners, Jhon you are a great ambassador of the club and the cause !  Well done.