Your editor writes:
As an experiment, for the next few (weeks/days/until I get fed up of it), I am going to put up unformatted results on the blog (as well as entering them into the results spreadsheet). I may also (if I have the energy!) put up exerpts from the events diary, so people can see what’s coming up. This should paint a broader picture of club activities – and, as well, I reckon that there should be something new (on average) almost every day.
Let me know what you think.

And to start:
Bristol 10k (10 may)
Position      Race No.      Name      Gender      Cat      Chip-Time      Club Name
1551    3919    Isabel Hoskin     Female        00:49:56    Vegan Runners
2396    3226    Matthew Cole     Male        00:53:36    Vegan Runners
5511    4146    Karen Morgan     Female    45    01:10:42    Vegan Runners

Tewkesbury Half (same day)
Pos    Overall    Bib    Competitor    Category    Team    Finish    Chip time
493    493    2207    HELEN WATKINSON    FSenior    VEGAN RUNNERS    01:55:30    01:54:51
556    556    1871    CEDRIC DAVID    MSenior    VEGAN RUNNERS    01:58:57    01:58:18

Sid DeLara has been as busy as ever, and says:
Here are some results from races i have taken part in recently. Seems I am getting the knack of finishing 33rd.
  1)Weds May 6th. Portsmouth Promenade 5k.
   19mins 30secs.  33rd/143  Male V50 3rd. A strong head wind between 2 1/2k and 4k put paid to most runners hopes of a PB.
  2)Sunday May 10th Lymington 10k.
   41mins 7secs.  33rd/600+ runners  Male V 50 2nd.
 A multiterrain event road/gravel/grass.  Ideal run if you like to run on gravel paths for about 5k. Including a raised dyke gravel path for about 2k with seaview across to the Isle of Wight.