Brighton 10K, 21/11/10

Sid reports on a poor day at the office:

As this is a flat course and the weather was ok, i was hoping to record a good time but from the off i was feeling flat, no bounce, also i was running without a watch, i like to time myself to sub 4 min kilometers and would have pushed harder if i new how far off the pace i was, although the number of people taking me over was an obvious indicator. First time info i got was at the 5k mark 20:37 , looking back at the same clock at 8k 33:47 so was slipping further off pace. Finish “gun time” 42:07……

Brookes Brighton 10k Results:
Sidney DeLara Gun time 42:07 332nd overall (2,459 runners), MV 50 20th.
Chip time 41:59 351st overall MV 50 21st.

Wolfgang Kunst: 42:20 guntime 342nd MV40 107th.
42:01 chiptime 352nd MV40 111th.
(this time running for London Heathside)

Theresa Webb Gun time 56:10 1,470th overall (2,459 runners) F35 134th.
Chip time 54:05 1,470th overall

[Thanks to Sid for his efforts in finding the results, our presence was limited this time but hopefully this popular event will attract a large turnout of VRUK members & supporters next time. Looking at the results, many clubs had huge turnouts].