Brighton 10k: 10K is just enough to get warmed up…

We hear from Anna Finn, who has NOT been running a marathon…!

I had a day off on Friday, but didn’t feel too good which I later found out was mainly due to a massive infection in my teeth and I had the first part of root canal surgery in the afternoon. Fortunately I felt a bit better by Sunday.
I met a bunch of my sixth form students at London Bridge station and we took the train south together. We had no time for faffing at the start but got right into the run after a quick baggage drop. It felt very odd for me doing a 10K, but I didn’t try to ‘race’ it. I jogged around comfortably (54 minutes – Ed), cheering on other vegan runners (I spotted two – see attached pics)(Nick Balding & Wolfgang Kunst, both of whom finished in around 41 minutes – Ed) and my students who were all wearing Pudsey-style spotty bandanas (as they were raising money for Children in Need among other charities). I felt very proud to have 29 teenagers with me, all out being active. The quickest finished in just over 46 minutes and the slowest took nearly 90 minutes, but they all finished and felt proud of themselves and were pleased with their medals.
Jim got some great photos and he managed to capture the speedy Vegan guys in action. I met a couple of sisters who said they’d thought about joining Vegan Runners and I may have persuaded one of them…

Well done Anna, Anna’s hardworking students, and Nick & Wolfgang – good stuff all round!