Box End Park – Evening Triathlon Series

The family Burgess, making the most of the end of winter, report:

Box End Park near Bedford is a fantastic open water swim venue and

they hold a series of evening sprint triathlons – 750m swim, 10k off

road bike, 5k off road run.

I swim there most weeks and decided to go along even though my legs

were tired after the Halstead marathon. The main objective was to

give Stephen an open water race experience as he has a big event at

Dorney Lake next week end.

The rain held off just and but the gloomy skies made the water feel

even colder. It was my first proper open water swim event and so I had

a few fears to face – mainly about being last and not being able to

get my wet suit off. Thankfully I was not quite last out the water and

the wet suit came off easily.

Overall a positive race experience and I was just glad my legs worked

for the run. It was very friendly and a steal at £10.00.

Stephen 5/43 1:05.10

Verna 32/43 1:24.13