Blencathra Fell Race Speedy Simon D

Simon Dally sez:

I did my first proper fell race last Wednesday up Blencathra in the

Lake District. I did ok, finished 41st in just over 1:20 I think (the

results aren’t up yet). I lost time on some steep downhill sections

where more experienced fell runners went whizzing past me. All in all

a completely different experience from road running and in many ways

much harder, but I think I could improve with more practice. This

evening, I finished 11th in the 3 Sisters 5k trail race in 17:42 for

Bolton Harriers. There was a good turn out of 219 mostly club runners,

as it’s part of the Central Lancashire Grand Prix series. I went off

way too fast and didn’t run a good race tactically but I felt pretty

strong. The course was mostly flat, but had too many twists and turns

for a really fast time. Two days rest now for me before the Vegan

3000s this Saturday …