Black Park Mountain Bike Races

** We hear from Verna that the future is in excellent – if cold and

muddy – hands. Many congratulations to Stephen and Nathan. Great work

in terrible conditions! Pics to follow soon (a bit of processing

needed to fit them into blog limits). **

Stephen(15) and Nathan (13) Burgess took part in mountain bike racing

at Black Park near Slough on Sunday 17th March 2013. The weather was

terrible – freezing and heavy rain – and got worse throughout the day.

The children and youth races took place in the morning and both

Stephen and Nathan had 3 laps of the adult course to complete. It was

very tough and the organisers quickly realised the adults would have

to have laps cut – but it was too late for the kids! They had to do

the full amount.

Stephen performed well in a very high standard race which saw a

national rider storm home well ahead of the field. He was fourth (U16

race) in a time of 1.16.04 and Nathan was fifth (U14 race) in a time

of 1.42:54. The before and after photos give an idea of the severe

race conditions and both of them were in their bike club vests rather

than Vegan Runners.