bAD hAIR dAY – Wokingham Half

We hear from Frances Humphries, who I had the pleasure of meeting again at the Wokingham half marathon last weekend (where I found that a 20 mile run the weekend before and an 8 miler on the Tuesday does not provide fresh, speedy legs…!). From the sound of it she had a similar experience…

 You will see from the [Wokingham] results that I had a bit of a blow-up and struggled to get round in I think 2.15 chip time – Oh Well, they cant all be good ones.
The only other result I have for you is having Walked the LDWAS Punch Bowl Marathon on the 14th Feb., in a time of 8.07.for the 30-miles. [Who knew that that might tire one out eh? Ed- who didn’t do nearly as much!]
I am having a week off now and licking my wounds – then will get myself back in gear and train a bit for Berkhamstead.

[Ed – on the upside I was v. excited to exchange a couple of words with Liz Yelling after the race !]